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Volquartsen American Flag Scorpion, Target Sights 6"

Volquartsen American Flag Scorpion, Target Sights 6"

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The Volquartsen Scorpion is the ultimate target pistol! The LLV upper has been combined with the lightweight VF Target Frame to create a very light and extremely accurate .22lr pistol. The Volquartsen Competition Bolt is also included as standard equipment.

Weight without magazine: 6" approximately 2lb 2oz,
Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
Trigger weight: about 12.25lb
Twist: 1:16
Muzzle thread: 1/2x28
Premium Coating: American Flag
Upper ➜ Accessory Rail: Black Accessory Rail.
Upper ➜ Thread/Compensator : Compensator.
Upper ➜ Thread/Comp ➜ Finish: Black anodized aluminum.
Upper part ➜ Thread/Comp ➜ Profile: Standard profile
Upper part ➜ Thread/Comp ➜ Style: Multi-Port
Upper ➜ Visor: Target visor
Top ➜ Finish: Black anodized aluminum
Frame ➜ Type: 1911 style
Frame ➜ Finish: Black anodized aluminum
Frame ➜ Handle choice: Hogue handles
Frame ➜ Handle choice ➜ Color: Black
Competition Bolt ➜ Finish: Black (DLC)

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