Cerakote is a ceramic coating that is ideal for finishing firearms and accessories. Professionally applied according to the manufacturer's specifications, Cerakote offers a corrosion-resistant surface on metal, plastics and wood and is now available in over 200 different colours. www.cerakote.com and www.cerakote.de for more information. You will also find various designs in the gallery for inspiration.

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We have been a Cerakote "Certified Applicator" since 2020 and are accordingly qualified to offer Cerakote coatings. We have completed the relevant training directly with the German importer PBN Coatings GmbH.

Every gun is different. To have your firearm Cerakote coated by us, please contact us and send us photos of the firearm. All serial numbers and proof marks must be visible on these photos. The application of Cerakote requires that the parts to be coated must be sandblasted. It must be discussed beforehand how to proceed in order to protect them accordingly.

The prices for a Cerakote coating depend on the type and scope of the desired design and are discussed in detail before the order is placed. Single-colour handguns start at €169, rifles at €269. The guns must be delivered completely disassembled and cleaned. Small parts start at 39€. Special designs and multi-coloured coatings are also possible.