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In principle, we are able to source all products from our manufacturers. However, American export regulations prohibit some of these products from being sold to anyone outside of Germany. Our shop therefore filters the visibility of some products depending on their country of origin.

Please contact us if you are interested in products that are not yet listed in our shop or if you live abroad.

TANDEMKROSS develops and sells accessories for various types of weapons. Following the motto "Making good guns great", they have set themselves the goal of creating an accessories program to improve existing firearms platforms. Founded by two friends in New Hampshire / USA in 2012, TANDEMKROSS is now a recognized brand for accessories for rimfire weapons.

Our top sellers are accessories for the Ruger Mark IV series and the S&W 22 Victory.

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Volquartsen Firearms was founded in 1974 by Tom Volquartsen, initially as a hobby. He enjoyed spending evenings in the basement of his house looking for ways to improve his guns. He quickly made a name for himself in the scene and was able to turn his hobby into a career in 1985. Today, Volquartsen Firearms develops the highest quality rimfire firearms, as well as numerous accessories and tuning parts for other brands.

Our top sellers here are the Scorpion and Mamba firearm series, as well as the Accurizing Kits for the Ruger Mark series.

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Ranger Point Precision

Founded in Texas in 2013 by Kimberly and Adam Devine, Ranger Point Precision started out manufacturing high-quality custom Marlin lever-action rifles. Today, RPP designs high quality accessories for Henri, Marlin, Rossi and Winchester underlever repeaters and rightfully consider themselves "the" underlever experts, which is reflected in their excellent support.

Our top sellers are the handguards and butt stocks for the Marlin and Rossi lever-action rifles.

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