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Ranger Point Precision

Rifle Barrel 3/8 Dovetail Sight Filler Blanks

Rifle Barrel 3/8 Dovetail Sight Filler Blanks

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Ranger Point profiled dovetail fillers are designed to "match the barrel curvature" and "flush mount" on sporter and big bore barrels. They match the exact contour of your barrel's diameter.

They WILL BE loose b/c the edges are fragile so they can't be tapped into place. Red Loctite and it won't move for years to come.

All Henry / Marlin / Rossi 92 & Citadel Levtac 92 / Winchester 94 centerfire rifles (not 22's)

These already profiled dovetail blanks are hand fit in minutes and save you the 1-2 hours of filing necessary to fit other fillers.


Fitting instructions:

Test fit the dovetail filler in the barrel cut. In most cases, it will slide in easily, or with gentle tapping. Do not attempt to drift in the blank with a punch, as this will damage the thin side edges. If the filler does not fit, use a file or sandpaper to remove material from the fore/aft sharp edges (not bevels). If removing a few thousands of an inch doesn't get a fit, the bottom of the filler may need to be lapped on fine sandpaper to loosen the overall fit. Cold blue may be used for touching up bare metal. Once a slip fit is achieved, degrease the filler and the dovetail cut, then apply Red Loctite (or similar) generously to help fill voids and prevent rust. Wipe away excess and let set. Apply gun oil after adhesive sets. When the factory rear sight is removed it leaves an unsightly dovetail cut in the barrel. Our profiled blanks fill this dovetail to closely match the diameter of the barrel, rather than having an equally unsightly raised hunk of metal.

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