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Wren Metal Works

Screwkit for Marlin / Henry / Rossi by Wren Metal Works

Screwkit for Marlin / Henry / Rossi by Wren Metal Works

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For years the gun industry used slotted head screws for the receivers of guns. With the level of tooling and manufacturing technology at the time, it was pretty much the only choice.

Today we have many options for screw heads. Wren Metal Works believes that lever action manufacturers would have used Torx head screws if they could have back in the early days, about 100 years ago.

They really make the most sense. Sure, they aren't traditional, but flat head screws weren't chosen because they were the best option, they were the only option. We believe that anyone building a gun from scratch today would find Torx heads the best choice.

So Wren Metal Works made their own screws for the receivers of HENRY, MARLIN and ROSSI lever action rifles. Upgrade yours today!

The Torx screw kits were only test installed in the models listed below. Please take your rifle to a gunsmith if you are unsure about installation. If you do it yourself, stop at the first sign of stripped threads or other difficulties.
Torx screw kits are available for the following models:
  • Henry H006G, H012GR, H012X, H009X, H012MX, H012GMR, H012CX The trigger plate support screw is included in the Henry +1 kit.
  • Marlin 1894, 1895, 336, 444
  • Rossi R92

Make sure you know which model you have before purchasing. We have only tested these kits on the models listed above.
NOTE: If your Henry upper has a screw on the left side, be sure to choose the Henry Torx kit with the additional trigger plate support screw (Henry +1).

Installation instructions for each screw kit can be found here.


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