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Ranger Point Precision

Marlin & Henry Handguard Tenon

Marlin & Henry Handguard Tenon

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This parts works with all of our Marlin and Henry M-LOK forearms (one comes free with your forearm). It replaces the factory barrel tenon to attach the forearm rail. If you've broken or lost your Ranger Point tenon this is the replacement part.

Includes: 1 stainless steel barrel/mag tube dovetail tenon + two attachment screws (replacement part)


Recommended tenon fit is snug, but not excessively tight. A light friction fit will suffice, but a loose fit will be weak. If the tenon is too tight, slowly lap the flat on sandpaper over a flat surface, until the tenon can be drifted in with moderate force (Moderate! or it can bend). Position the tenon so that the mag tube is properly aligned with the barrel when lying in the cradle of the tenon. Check handguard alignment as well. Once proper placement is achieved, the tenon should be staked or Loctited in place. Be careful NOT to strip the screws.

Installation instructions can be found here.


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