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Ranger Point Precision

Marlin M-LOK Adjustable Pistol Grip Stock

Marlin M-LOK Adjustable Pistol Grip Stock

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Marlin M-LOK Adjustable Butt Stock.

Fits ALL Marlin Pistol Grip models (JM, Remington, and Ruger made): Dark or Traditional models: Marlin 336 stocks, Marlin 308 and 338; Marlin 410, Marlin 444; 1894 Marlin Stock .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .45 Long Colt; Marlin 1895.45-70 govt.; Marlin 450M. Marlin 3030 stock.

Includes: One adjustable butt stock + RPP DEAD BLOW recoil pad, one grey foam pad to stick on the upper strut, one GrovTec sling stud, and one Allen wrench. With the purchase of this Ranger Point Precision butt stock, this adjustable riser is now included free of charge. 


- Tough, robust and weatherproof made of 6061 aluminum
- Lightweight at only 22 oz with our recoil pad, less than the factory stock; keeps rifle perfectly balanced
- Comparable length-of-pull (LOP) to factory rifles
- Adjustable comb height using four pivot points (adjust, and tighten when set)
- AR-style 6-Position butt plate design with our proprietary DEAD BLOW recoil pad; also works with off the shelf pads
- Sling & Accessory attachment options:
    a) One flush cup hole for push button swivel (underside, bottom strut)
    b) One standard sling swivel stud (installed)
    c) Three M-LOK slots (underside, bottom strut)
    d) Three holes on top strut to attach the M-LOK accessory panel

Installation manuals can be found here.

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