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Ranger Point Precision

Costa Winchester 94 M-LOK rail system handguard

Costa Winchester 94 M-LOK rail system handguard

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Fits: Winchester 94 rifles, built from 1964 onwards.
Does NOT fit: Mossberg 464 rifles (barrel diameter is too big), Winchester 92 models, any octagon barrel models.

Designed with direct input and oversight by Chris Costa, Costa Ludus.

The forearm with one or two gator rails provides Winchester 94 users with lots of red dot/scout scope/night vision installation options.

The Costa Ludus/Ranger Point Handguard Rail System was designed to provide lever gun shooters with exceptional flexibility in setup and cost while safeguarding the qualities of lightweight handling and accuracy that we love about these fine firearms.

In order to accommodate a range of manufacturing tolerances in the host rifles, we have imbued the entire handguard/rail system with adjustable fitments.

The Costa/RPP Handguard + Rail system has adjustment in 3 ways:
1. Laterally at the receiver junction–via the angled set screws.
2. Laterally at the mounting tenon–via the perpendicular set screws and the tenon itself.
3. Vertically at each leg of the “Gator Rails.”

Extremely robust for hard use. The installed system can suspend well over a hundred pounds and resist crushing under the weight of an adult male.

Modular flexibility allows mounting of any style of optic or combination of sighting options. The handguard “Gator Rails” can be rotated 180 degrees to achieve the perfect eye relief with red dot or LER scopes. Unused rails can be removed to reduce weight or achieve lower mounting heights.
Includes M-LOK accessory slots, QD mounts, and a threaded hole for a traditional sling stud for max utility.

Unique, aggressive look and excellent grip with or without a hand stop.
Two-piece rail system decouples the forearm from the receiver, preserving optimal accuracy.

Features: 13.25" L handguard: Grippy cutouts, M-LOK accessory slots sides/bottom, QD swivel sling holes, traditional sling stud threaded hole.
Material: 6061-T6 aluminum Type III Anodized
Included: COSTA M-LOK Handguard w/ barrel band/screws + One Gator Rail

Installation instructions can be found here.





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