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#TANDEMIZED Target Pistol - black frame with red accessories

#TANDEMIZED Target Pistol - black frame with red accessories

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We are delighted to finally be able to offer the first Tandemkross pistols in Germany.

The #TANDEMIZED Target Pistol is a powerful sporting firearm that will take your sport shooting to the next level. It features a TANDEMKROSS aluminum frame and a Ruger Target Pistol upper, resulting in a well-balanced and durable firearm. The #TANDEMIZED Target Pistol are ready for competition out-of-the-box and come in a TandemKase pistol case. These guns include a number of additional parts, accessories and upgrades from TANDEMKROSS, all of which are already installed and tested.

The following upgrades are included:

  •         "Blast Pack" trigger unit
  •         "Bolt Keeper" extended bolt catch lever
  •         "Cornerstone" widened safety wing
  •         "Halo" charging ring
  •         "hiveGrip" grip panels
  •         "Cthulhu" aluminum grip frame
  •         "Titan" extended magazine release
  •         "Victory" trigger
  •         "TandemKase" pistol holster
  •         Two 10-round factory magazines
  •         Ruger cable lock

This model contains the following color configuration:

  •     Upper and barrel: black
  •     Frame: black
  •     Accessories: red

This competition-ready pistol has been carefully assembled, upgraded and live-fire tested by TANDEMKROSS' in-house gunsmiths to ensure the highest level of quality and safety.
This pistol is not just a pistol, it is a piece of handmade American craftsmanship. Get your own #TANDEMIZED Target Pistol today.

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