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RHINO 5" Picatinny Rail Scope Mounts for Henry Pistol Caliber Rifles

RHINO 5" Picatinny Rail Scope Mounts for Henry Pistol Caliber Rifles

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Precision Machined, Adjustable Rifle Scope Mount Picatinny Rails - Low Profile, Built to Last and Improve Accuracy

RHINO Henry picatinny rail, Scope Mounts are currently available for Marlin and Henry lever guns. Please note that both companies have only two receiver sizes that are drilled and tapped in the same place for a rail: Pistol Caliber or Rifle Caliber. This means every model / trim level uses the same rail and all you need to know is your caliber to choose the right one (e.g. Henry X or Henry Big Boy or Henry All Weather or Marlin 1894 all use the same Picatinny rail)

This rail is for Henry Pistol Caliber Rifles (E.g. 41 Mag, 44 Mag, 357 Mag, 45 LC)

Low profile and the strongest picatinny scope mount optics rails on the market. Designed from the receiver up, these low-profile picatinny rail mount offer improved bore-to-optic positioning and eliminate movement for better accuracy even under the harshest recoil of a big bore rifle. Sight channel down the middle let's you use your rear/front sight with the rail installed.
Picatinny Rail Features:

RAIL HEIGHT: .28” (low rings!)
RAIL LENGTH: 5.5” receiver flush length

  • Unbeatable RHINO toughness and repeatability
  • Mil-spec picatinny rail (not compatible with Weaver picatinny spec mounts)
  • Better alignment than two-piece mounts
  • Contoured bottom and 10 MOA machined in for more elevation flexibility (zeroes to 0-5 due of negative cant on rifle receiver)
  • Sight channel down the middle: allows you to use your rear peep (buckhorn, etc. mounted in the barrel dovetail) plus the front sight while the rail is installed
  • Made from strong-as-steel anodized 7075 aluminum for light weight and rust-proof lifetime
  • 2X the recoil lug contact improves accuracy by eliminating scope movement under the harshest recoil

Included in the box: one picatinny rail, three 8-40x1/8" screws


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