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Ranger Point Precision

Special Edition Lever Takedown Screw - Marlin and Henry - RPP logo

Special Edition Lever Takedown Screw - Marlin and Henry - RPP logo

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Ranger Point's second special edition lever screw. They chose a lustrous new material for their wildly popular Marlin and Henry quick lever takedown screws, which are already offered in stainless and black nitride chromoly steel versions. This new material addition, known as aluminum bronze, polishes to an eye catching pale gold color, like jewelry for your rifle. And thanks to its marine grade make-up, this unusual alloy is corrosion resistant in addition to being strong and beautiful.

Every few months, RPP is going to release a new, limited edition Special Edition Lever Takedown Screw, with a special engraving each time. These will not be offered with their traditional caliber engravings, but if you have a brilliant idea for a special engraving, feel free to share.

- Design of three RP logos in a triangle
- Made from Aluminum Bronze alloy and polished

Marlin: proprietary thread pitch .210-28
Henry: 10-32 thread pitch

WON'T FIT: Winchester, Rossi or Henry Long Rangers, SingleShots or 22 rifles.

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