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Extractor Spring and Plunger for Ruger Mark Series by Rim/Edge

Extractor Spring and Plunger for Ruger Mark Series by Rim/Edge

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At a Glance:
  • Spring and plunger perfectly match factory specifications
  • Replaces lost, worn, or damaged parts
  • Stainless steel plunger for long lasting durability

Few things are as frustrating as having something bad happen because you tried to do the right thing. Losing a tiny spring or plunger when trying to take proper care of your firearm can feel a lot like that. Welcome the Extractor Spring and Plunger for Ruger Mark Series by Rim/Edge.

The plunger is made of stainless steel to offer long life. Additionally, springs can wear out and lose their ability to bounce back over time. Replacing your old extractor spring and plunger with a new spring will breathe some new life back into your pistol and support proper extraction.
At TANDEMKROSS, we disassemble and reassemble a LOT of guns. Over the years, we’ve come to learn that if a part is easy for us to lose, then we’re certainly not the first to have lost it and we definitely won’t be the last. If you’re in a tough spot and find yourself in need of some spare parts for your favorite Ruger Mark Series rimfire pistol, check out either our Essential Maintenance Kit or our Rebuild Kit. For any parts that are easy to lose and hard to find, TANDEMKROSS makes your search simple.

People may not immediately consider a part so small to be worth “upgrading.” What they may not realize however, is that overlooking even the smallest of parts can cause a BIG headache. If you ever lose such a part, your Ruger pistol could be out of commission for days or weeks until you can finally receive a replacement part.

Don’t wait! Prepare yourself today and get the Extractor Spring and Plunger to keep your Ruger Mark Series Pistol up and running!

Supported models:

  •     Ruger Mark I
  •     Ruger Mark II
  •     Ruger Mark III & 22/45
  •     Ruger Mark IV & 22/45
  •     Works with variants including LITE, Target, Hunter, Competition, and Tactical


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