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Extractor Spring and Plunger for Ruger 10/22

Extractor Spring and Plunger for Ruger 10/22

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At a Glance:
  •     Spring and plunger perfectly match factory specifications
  •     Replaces lost, worn, or damaged parts
  •     Stainless steel plunger for long lasting durability

Have you ever lost a tiny spring or plunger while trying to work on your rimfire rifle? The Extractor Spring and Plunger for Ruger 10/22 is here to help!

Many people have lost a crucial part while cleaning or maintaining their rifle. At TANDEMKROSS, we’ve learned that if we’ve lost a part, someone else out there probably has too. If that’s ever happened to you, then know you’re not alone, and we’ve got you in mind.

Our plunger is made of stainless steel to offer reliable long life. And a fresh extractor spring can put some pep back in your rifle’s step. All springs eventually begin to lose their resilience over time, so it’s always a good idea to update them every once in a while.

Many people frequently ignore parts so small. But little parts like this can present large obstacles if you let them. Your favorite Ruger 10/22 or 22 Charger could temporarily go down and out while you wait for replacement parts to be delivered. Parts like this or our Essential Maintenance Kit are great ways to stay prepared.

Get the Extractor Spring and Plunger to make your Ruger 10/22 GREAT today!

Supported models:

  •     Ruger 10/22
  •     Ruger 22 Charger
  •     Ruger Silent-SR 10/22 Takedown
  •     And other variants of 10/22 including:
  •         10/22 Takedown
  •         10/22 Takedown Lite
  •         Carbine
  •         Target
  •         Compact
  •         Tactical
  •         Sporter
  •         Competition

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