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Lead pulverizer for Volquartsen pistol comps

Lead pulverizer for Volquartsen pistol comps

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Wouldn't you agree that pistol compensators are not much fun to clean? Maybe you're even guilty of letting it go just a little longer than you should…or in some cases much longer than you should. It's no secret that comp cleaning can become a long tedious process, which involves soaking the comp, breaking away the build up, and then depending on how bad it is repeating the process several more times.

That's not exactly an exciting way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

Volquartsen is always looking for ways to reduce maintenance so you can spend more time on the range and less time at the cleaning bench. The perfect solution for comp cleaning is their new Lead Pulverizer.

CNC-machined from 416 stainless steel and then heat treated
Please Note: this tool is only compatible with Volquartsen pistol comps for LLV, Scorpion, Black Mamba, and Mamba-TF.

Made in the USA

An application video can be found here.


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