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Blast Pack for Ruger Mark IV and 22/45

Blast Pack for Ruger Mark IV and 22/45

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The “Blast Pack” for Ruger Mark IV and 22/45 is a match set ONLY - DO NOT use any other brand of sear and hammer with the TANDEMKROSS “Blast Pack” for Ruger Mark IV and 22/45

At a glance:
  •     Radiused sear and hammer interface for clean, crisp, and repeatable trigger pull.
  •     Approximately 2–2.5lb trigger pull (results may vary)
  •     Neutrally balanced, drop-safe sear
  •     Highly impact and wear resistant, heat treated, S7 hardened tool steel for long-lasting, optimal performance

The TANDEMKROSS “Blast Pack” is a serious upgrade for all Ruger Mark IV and 22/45 owners!

Our innovative redesign of the fire control system safely reduces trigger pull weight for a performance boost and increased reliability! The lubricant coating on the hammer and sear provide a consistently smooth hammer-sear interface right out of the box. Our lightweight hammer also moves at a higher velocity leading to reduced lock time.

The “Blast Shield” Magazine Disconnect promotes proper magazine alignment for consistent and reliable feeding. It also protects the hammer and sear from debris and build up for easy maintenance.

Perfect for competition shooters, small game hunters, or any rimfire enthusiasts, the [TK] “Blast Pack” for Ruger Mark IV and 22/45 will bring your .22LR plinking to the next level!

This Kit Contains:

“Thunder” Hammer and “Lightning” Sear
  •     Safely and reliably reduces trigger pull weight
  •     Provides consistently clean and crisp trigger pull
  •     American-made and guaranteed for life
“Blast Shield” Magazine Disconnect
  •     Allows for safe removal of the magazine disconnect
  •     Facilitates proper magazine alignment
  •     Shields sear and hammer from debris

BLAST past the competition with the BEST fire control system on the market; the TANDEMKROSS “Blast Pack” for Ruger Mark IV and 22/45!

Support Models:
  •     Ruger MKIV Standard
  •     Ruger MKIV Hunter
  •     Ruger MKIV Target
  •     Ruger MKIV Competition
  •     Ruger MKIV 22/45  
  •     Ruger MKIV 22/45 LITE
  •     Ruger MKIV Tactical
  •     Ruger MKIV22/45 Tactical




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